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Year 9 Philosophy And Ethics

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Year 9: Aims. Schemes of learning focus on a study of Philosophy and Ethics as well as study of main world religions. Topic areas include Buddhism, Evil and Suffering, Beliefs about Life and Death, Philosophy of Religion, and The Holocaust.

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The study of religion, philosophy and ethics often includes the study of a range of other subjects: science, sociology and psychology, for example. This multi- disciplinary approach helps develop a variety of skills and subject knowledge that.

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30 Nov 2016. The New Grade 9-1 Framework for GCSE RS began this term. The Assessment Framework supports grade boundaries and the statement of attainment concerning each grade from 9-1. This is still in its infancy but the move.

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Year 7. The BIG Questions: an introduction to philosophy and ethics; Judaism; Religion in popular culture; Hinduism. Eaton Bank Academy @EatonBankRT @ EBACareers: Year 9 & 10 free 3 day non-residential course running during.

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The first year provides students with a foundation in philosophical and ethical thinking. In the philosophy section of the course students will study Ancient Greek philosophy (Plato and Aristotle), philosophical arguments for the existence of God,

At Key Stage 3, students explore a variety of religious beliefs, philosophical concepts and ethical issues. Year 9 begin the year explore different religious and philosophical perspectives on the issue of evil and suffering, before beginning RE.

We teach Philosophy & Ethics to. Inform pupils' values; Provoke challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, the self and nature of reality, issues of right and wrong, and what it means to be human.

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The PRE Department is the study of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics, and aims to educate students in religious and theological disciplines, including the study of. Year 9, Philosophy, Religion and Ethics: War and Justice (The Holocaust).

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (RPE) is a unique subject as we explore values and meaning for students on a personal level as well as the. Students study RPE for one lesson a week throughout Years 7 – 11 and the majority will sit the AQA GCSE Religious Studies GCSE at the end of Year 11. In Year Nine we study:.

The Year 9 course involves a study of ultimate questions and Philosophy of Religion (e.g. issues of life and death and proof. There are two religious, philosophical and ethical studies themes in this section (RPE), Religion, relationships and.

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Year 7. Year 8. Year 9. Humanities. · Religion Leicester and Me. · Religious Buildings. · Religious Expression and Celebration. We start the GCSE. We follow the Eduqas WJEC 9-1 Philosophy & Ethics and Religious Education qualification.

In Year 7, students study three topics: The Phenomenon of Religion, Ethics and Morality and The Philosophy of Religion. Each one. Year 9 students have the opportunity to enjoy a newly constructed curriculum that explores Humanism ( with.

In year 9 we study the first and second World Wars as well as the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany. Studying Philosophy and Ethics helps students to broaden their thinking and outlook to life by learning about and embracing other cultures and.

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Students no longer merely study religious texts: they examine religious beliefs, moral, ethical and cultural issues and the interaction between them. week during Key Stages 3 and 4; this enables them to begin their GCSE in Year 9 and to complete the full-course by the end of Year 11. In addition, some students spend time discussing philosophical and ethical issues at a 'Faith Direct' event each year,

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We study the OCR A Level H573, following components 01 – Philosophy of Religion 02 –Religious Ethics and 04. Year 9. How do we decide what is moral or immoral? What is philosophy? Religious responses to medical ethics. The God.

The Philosophy, Religion and Ethics course aims to give students insight into the world around them, and introduce them to important thinking skills and. At Key Stage 3 pupils receive two lessons in Year 7, one in Year 8 and two in Year 9.

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The Ethics and Philosophy department wants all students to be tolerant and respectful of other people's beliefs, cultures and. The course drip feeds all the necessary skills required for the start of the GCSE course at years 9 through to 11.

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